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Self Contractor

  Tax Tips for a Self Contractor

Self contractors have a tough job. Not only are they working independently or with other contractors, they have to deal with all of the paperwork, taxes and other details on their own too—unless they hire an accounting firm, of course. Here are a few tax tips for the self contractor to make tax time less of a burden.

  • Consider an App - Today there are many apps that make it easier to keep up with your tax details. You can input a few numbers at the end of the day, scan some receipts and you will be good to go. An app can save you so much time and stress.

  • Save Paperwork - Whether you’re talking about receipts or important tax documents, it can help to have a box where you save your paperwork and have access to it when you need it. This can make tax time much less stressful since you aren’t chasing the paperwork around the house.

  • Follow Up Weekly - Take a few minutes each week to make sure you aren’t missing any numbers or you don’t need to do any additional paperwork to keep up with your taxes. 10 minutes a week will make a huge difference when it comes time to actually file your taxes next year.



As a self contractor, the best thing you can do to make tax time easier is to work with a professional accounting firm. If you would like to chat with a pro, contact us at Blue Book Business today. Our team of accountants and bookkeepers have years of experience working with firms just like yours. Our goal is to help you with the paperwork and numbers so you can focus on growing your business and serving your customers.

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